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Gimme till Christmas

So i didnt get picked for the cara delevigne castin call. psssssssh

they chose a bunch of short hipster fucks. they were short. shorter than her. SMH!!!!!

dah well..

my goal is to get a an agent by the end of the year and 1 job. sEEMS achievable. once i get one its gameover, ima steal all the loot, all the women and all the light and sound. You better hide your milkmaids, IM COMING!




When life hand you melons, you make sweet love to that woman.

So i didnt get selected by Wilhelmina…………sigh

But there is another Instagram casting with cara delevignne……..yay

all you have to do is tag a photo on IG as #carad4dkny and #carawantsyou.

Aight i posted this photo i made of her and i. Hopefully she sees it because it looks so bizarre compared to the others lol.(when i say lol, i mean like a rich nigga belly laugh, Like when 50 cent giggles from counting all his money) All the others are just selfies and shit but mine is US. TOGETHER. 4. EVER. 

Im gonna explain how this is gonna go down.

Aight look here,

The people at DKNY are going to call cara into the board room. shes gonna stroll in, wearing some high top sneakers while everyone else is in suits.

Theyre gonna hand her a macbook with a bunch of pictures on it with a list of potential people they picked……A bunch of bozos

she gonna look thru these lames………shes not feelin em at all.

Then cara is gonna say “uhhh lemme take a look at some others.”

She gonna be scrolling thru the other bozos and see 1 that stands out. Which one could it be?image

shes gonna say, “oh shit this kid is funny as fuck, we can mix it up and make some milk chocolate”      YOU FEEL ME? YOU KNOW!

then shes gonna look at my instagram profile and say, “damn and hes sexy also. We gotta get The Copper Prince on the shoot.”

and all the DKNY people are gonna look around puzzled and say “i dont know how we missed him, this kid, hes exceptional. Very good choice Cara, i love your taste, let me be you for just 1 minute, please?!”

She’ll say they are weird and leave……

Then they fly me to new york and the rest is history.

anywaysssssss i hope the Heat win tonight theyr down 2-1.




whats up to my fans. all zero of you. Well i just submitted my photos for this wilhelmina instagram scouting call. They gots to pick me. I sent them a letter with a couple dope ideas i have for photoshoots.

If i can just make it to the video round then i got this is in the bag. 2 photos on an ipod touch really dont do me justice. But a nice youtube video will show them wassssssssup!!!

They gotta know im bout it bout it! i even read the Wilhelmina guide to modeling. I actually learned a bit from it.

Theyre probably gonna read this so if your an agent, please select me, ill make all your wildest dreams come true. To be honest, we’ll probably have to wear band aids on our hands because of all the papercuts from counting checks.



Alexander Mcqueen Book

so I jus got this alexander mcqueen book and its pretty tight. ITs talking about how he got started and how his apprenticeship as a tailor influenced his work.

Like he worked as a costume director for some plays and that opened his eyes to the way the aristocracy dressed in the past.

he was using patterns from books published in the 1500’s, 

then the book ties each experience into each collection, so i read the text then google the collection.

Its like an instruction manual to make a genius




our mixtape has so many influences



the 2nd video from our mixtape. Intended Access



First video from my upcoming mix-tape “No Pen Intended”  This is intended access.

Im comin home baby.

1st Video From Our Mixtape

This is the 1st Video for our mixtape. Promo Flow



my taped audition for the Goosebumps Movie for the character Dwayne. After looking at all the other ones on YouTube i gotta say mine is the best ive seen. I mighta fucked up cuz i think it was supposed to be funny. but im not sure how i woulda done that